UR-202 "White Shark"

The UR-202 "White Shark" - an Édition Spéciale of 12 pieces - is the first of URWERK's Rare Species and is available exclusively from Chronopassion (Paris) and The Hour Glass (Singapore).

Time is monochrome on the UR-202 "White Shark", with its case, dial and hour satellites all in an original shimmering silver/white hue emitted by titanium, steel and ARCAP. The "White Shark" is a timepiece unadorned, its technicality its only ornament. The "White Shark" eschews colourful display to concentrate focus on l'art mécanique.

The black numbers of the hours on the satellites stand out clearly against the light background; however one number of the 12 hour digits is the bright red exception to the rule - this identifies the individual piece in this limited edition of 12.

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